With the WorkAbilityMonitor, we identify the risk of loss of workability and improvement of workability, productivity and employability for your organization.

Who is the WorkAbilityMonitor intended for?

The WorkAbilityMonitor® can be used for employees who perform mentally and or physically demanding, repetitive work. The method can be used at both group and individual level.

Phases of the method of research

The WAM research consists of several stages, as shown in the diagram below.

Step Fase Actions Execution
1 Preparation Preventned prepares the questioning
The company prepares their staff
Client / Communication specialist provided by Preventned
2 Questioning Employees fill in the questionnaire (on line or manually) Employees
3 Collecting data The lists will be processed. In addition, the background data will be collected and entered Preventned and Erasmus University
4 Calculation and Analysis The results are calculated on the basis of a validated system Erasmus University
5 Reporting The results are compiled into a report and discussed with the client. Preventned


What is in it for you?

At an individual level, the concrete expectation is the prevention of loss of workability. For the entire organization or a specific group the process will provide in any case concrete recommendations to improve and/or to maintain health, productivity and employability. Results of the study will be discussed with the client and at that time also a project evaluation will take place.

Supervision of the study is provided by the program manager. Data processing and implementing the latest findings is carried out by the Erasmus MC.

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