The importance of sustainable employability

By putting the focus on sustainable employability today,
you will have healthy, productive and happy employees tomorrow.

Current developments are moving at lightning speed, especially in the field of technology. To keep up with the competition, the employability of employees must be maintained in the long run, this is a continuous process.

Employees themselves particularly strive for more job satisfaction, recognition and appreciation. During this time, the challenge for an organization is to gain and keep the right people on the team, despite the difficult labour market. Attention for sustainable employability based on being a good employer will help with this.

With a focus on sustainable employability, a preventive approach to absenteeism (either turnover or illness) also develops. This preventive approach will help to avoid a great expense. By being constantly engaged with employability, signals that can be managed are picked up early.

In other words, by focusing today on sustainable employability, you will have healthy, productive and happy employees in the future.