Want to increase the employability of your employees? Then it is important to know:

  • what aspects of employability are important to your organization;
  • for which themes is the need for change the greatest;
  • what aspects of employability can exert the most influence.

The expertise of the consultant and the structured approach of “From Insight To Employability”,  have led to a list of priorities of necessary changes within our involvement and influence possibilities which can lead to improved job satisfaction and employability of employees at the department ‘planning and control’.

Rogier Hoogstraate
Head Planning & Control
Bravis Hospital

How to get this insight

You start with a session of an existing or composite steering committee of employees in your organization. In the dialog you will find out what is important to your organization and how you exert the best and easiest influence. The basis for this dialogue is background information, for example:

  • default;
  • course;
  • productivity;
  • workability;
  • atmosphere at work;
  • lifestyle;
  • current or past actions regarding workability and employability;
  • any available results of operations.

I experienced your guided sessions to follow up on the WorkAbilityMonitor® as very positive. During those sessions we were able to determine with the two sub-teams which themes are most relevant to get started with. These themes have been explored in different ways by the sub teams. For example, what includes ‘’process thinking’’? And how do we experience ‘hot desks’? What is going well and what needs improvement? Next, we were able to prioritize the themes based on the questions how many people it affects and how much influence we have on it as a team. The sessions have led to good conversations both in the sub teams as in the entire department. I would like to compliment you for your guidance during the sessions, especially when it was not so easy. In short: a nice kickoff to really get started!

Paul van Minnen
Business Manager

What Preventned means for you

Experienced advisors of Preventned facilitate the dialogue. They structure information and support in making a plan of action. Moreover, they share their knowledge and provide practical, independent recommendations. Combining their expertise in health management, working capital and long-term employability and knowledge of the steering committee of the organization leads to concrete interventions, so your organization can directly get started.   Your organization will reach the maximum with the minimum efforts. This finally leads to an increase of employability of your employees.

What it provides

With an understanding of these items, you can develop a concrete action plan. This plan consists of interventions for (some of) your employees. The interventions improve employability as efficiently as possible. This is due to the fact that you know exactly which aspects of employability are important and which aspects you can easily influence.

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