An individual supplemental study takes place to prevent failure of employees with a risk of failure. The people who are most often considered for these studies are the ones who scored red or orange on the WorkAbilityMonitor®, and thus have a reduced workability.


The exact reason of the reduced workability is determined with the help of a protocol. Together with the employee, we will come to a plan of action. The employee then has the opportunity to implement this plan and can if needed or desired, ask for support.

Concrete expectation / outcome / result

An improved workability and employability of the employee and the reduction or elimination of the risk of failure.


Results of the study will be discussed with the employer when at least 10 employees have participated in the supplementary examinations. At that time a project evaluation will also take place. The effect of the plan of action or any interventions can be measured by having the employee fill in the WorkAbilityMonitor again after a period of 6 months.


The additional research is conducted by an adviser of Preventned or by a by Preventned trained professional