Would you like to work in a result-oriented way? Based on solid research and advice? Ask below for a demonstration of the Human Capital Dashboard. Not the first time you have worked with the Workability Monitor? Then we can show you the results of the research on the dashboard during the session. The dashboard is all in your control and you can make your own selections.

Human Capital Dashboard

In cooperation with the Erasmus University, we developed a research method at Preventned. Thus we collect various data about your employees. We put this in the Human Capital Dashboard: a digital tool.

This will give you advice about the control factors which are needed for business improvement. Such as:

  • Potential savings
  • Burn-out risk
  • Unacceptable behavior
  • Lack of current skills
  • output per department

By annual measurements we can demonstrate the output on the dashboard.

Our customers use the results for:

  • a flexible business process
  • focused HR policy
  • strategic staff planning
  • the conduction of development interviews
  • the retraining of a team
  • increasing customer satisfaction

As a result: a profitable company.

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