As HR you receive a great amount of information.

How can you develop a results-oriented plan for your organization? It starts with knowing where to focus on. Our method provides control information for both the organization, teams and the individual employee.

Integrate sustainable employability in strategic staff planning

Sustainable employability is the basis of strategic staff planning. This provides predictability of the deployable human capital. Based on our unique method, sustainable employability will be improved structurally and dynamically.

Insight into employability issues of employees

What hinders your employees to perform well? The analysis with the unique WorkAbilityMonitor indicates where the barriers are to perform well.

How do the employees get started?

It is important that people take responsibility for their own employability. With our approach 65% of the employees do just that.


Duco Molenaar is director of Preventned and as senior adviser he assists companies and institutions within the context of workability and process improvement