Case OSB



OSB is a trade association for the professional cleaning and window cleaning companies.

To help cleaners stay healthy and fit, OSB developed in cooperation with Preventned the labor monitor. This monitor provides insight into the long-term employability of the cleaner.

OSB would really like to bring to the attention of the cleaners the importance and purpose of the work monitor. Since pictures often say more than words, OSB managed to make a short film. In this short movie a comic artist explains clearly what the labor monitor is and why a cleaner should participate.


OSB has previously used the WorkAbilityMonitor (WAM) to determine how the employee experiences work (WAI) and the relationship with the work (additional questions).

Watch the interview with the coordinator Labor of OSB and Head of HR Romaro group.

DucoMolenaar2Duco is director of Preventned and as senior advisor he supports companies and institutions within the framework of working capital and primary processes. He is responsible for the day to day businesses.