Case Elkerliek Ziekenhuis

Elkerliek Ziekenhuis

For Elkerliek hospital it is all about “the right employee in the right place”, to preserve or enhance job satisfaction and professional competence. In other words: for sustainable employability. WHich is often reachable within the same job but with different challenges.

Whatch the interview below with a director and a cardiolaborant of the Elkerliek Hospital.

The use of the WorkAbilityMonitor®

Since 2004, within the Elkerliek a large and well thought out long-term program runs in the field of sustainable employability. It pays attention to skills management and career self-management. To measure and improve the sustainable employability, in May 2009 the Elkerliek hospital approached all employees with the Workability Monitor. During the monitor is measured the extent to which employees are physically and mentally able to work.

The Workability Monitor ® is deployed to focus on four issues: health, competence, motivation and working conditions. In addition, there is also an additional individual examination used for low-scoring employees.


77 percent of circa 2,000 employees completed the monitor. 85 percent of the respondents scored green (high performance), 12 percent orange (room for improvement) and 2.7 percent red (critical performance ).

Red-scoring employees entering a follow-up process, before making a plan of action together with Preventned. The results of the group reports are discussed with managers and employees. All departments have a plan of action. There are concrete actions for improvement on all four points.

Involved parties

The deployment of the Workability Monitor ® is organized by the special project Sustainable employability, formed by tactical and operational management and HR. PreventNed performs the additional research. The databases are managed by the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The OR was actively involved in answering questions from employees.


The project would like to hear from other hospitals what they think of the approach. Also advices to enhance the responses are welcome.


  • Provide broad support.
  • Base your mobility policy on scientific research. You’re stronger, you’re more convincing and it works better.
  • Look – in the context of benchmarking – well for your indicators and target values.
  • Provide a communication plan that appeals to all concerned.
  • Managers are very important. They should be able to advance in the workplace. Equip them with personal advice and resources.

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