Our team

Preventned is a young and dynamic organization that is deeply committed to its customers and has a personal approach. Our services are based on scientific findings.
Quality and research are very important to us.

In the implementation of our projects and additional studies, we work with a permanent team, cooperating partners and with our trained experts. Preventned has a national network of occupational physicians, economists, business physiotherapists, psychologists, workability experts and ergonomists.

Meet the core of Preventned:

Duco Molenaar

Director & Advisor
+31 6 51 81 35 64


More about Duco

Gets to the core of a situation very naturally and knows how to create unison between people. Puts the dot on the horizon, and is a sailing-fanatic.

Mirjam Peek

+31 6 54 67 76 56


More about Mirjam

When you’re lost, she asks that question that puts you right on track. Communication is her passion. Cheerfull and a real firestarter.

Cas Knibbeler

+31 6 11 59 26 82


More about Cas

A true all-rounder, ambitious and fit. In perfect condition to put organisations in motion. (Watching) Sports is his true love.

Eveline Berende

Office Manager
+31 6 15 67 16 96


More about Eveline

Eveline just loves optimizing our processes. Her motto: everything can be more efficient! Energetic and full of ideas.

Demie van Beek

Office Assistant
+31 6 15 67 08 41


More about Demie

Demie is our youngest talent, always there where we need her. Eager to learn, accurate and most definitely ambitious.

Arnold Scholten

Director & Advisor
+31 6 53 35 77 99


More about Arnold

Arnold is engaged in additional studies, commercial business, marketing and PR. Our clients’ wishes are his commands. Inspirational and solution- oriented.

Yvonne van der Salm

06 51 88 10 45


More about Yvonne

Yvonne has a ton of experience and a fresh perspective, she makes sure that we stay focused.

Yusi Bakker Preventned

Yusi Bakker

Junior Consultant
06 15 33 44 55 


More about Yusi

She has a great talent in digging deeper and is not afraid to roll up the sleeves. A happy tune in our team with good food as biggest interest!