The cooperation with the Erasmus MC started in 1994. This partnership arose from both the need to work scientifically to change processes in organizations and the need from the Erasmus MC to turn effect research into practice. Professor Lex Burdorf from Erasmus MC and Duco Molenaar from Preventned started this relationship and it currently provides a lively exchange of knowledge and data.

One of the major projects that takes place within this joint approach is supported with subsidy from ZonMW and includes 22 organizations in the healthcare industry in Limburg (a province in the Netherlands).

The goal is to discover what factors lead to improved employability and a higher work motivation of the employees in the organization. It concerns a study population of 13,000 employees.

Recently, results of this research are presented in the form of an eBook. Do you want to know more about this, please contact us.

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